Residential Solar



  • No complex cable installations
  • Can be installed in less than 10 minutes
  • Low installation costs
  • Flexibility in installation/location options
  • Connects data logger to the Internet through home-area networks
  • Provides remote monitoring
  • Provides data for solar provider customer monitoring services via the cloud
  • Industry's widest temperature range: -20°C to +60°C
  • Up to 85 Mbps backbone connection
  • Industry leading powerline communications technology
  • Lifetime warranty

Solar Link

Asoka's SolarLink adapters, the PlugLink 9650-WT and PlugLink 7070-COM , are the first residential solar solutions to allow solar installers to use existing in-home electrical wiring for system data logging and remote monitoring. SolarLink adapters are powerline communications (PLC) devices that use the home’s electrical wiring to pass data between solar equipment in the home. It also can connect the data logger to the customer's home gateway allowing the data logger communicate to the web. This enables solar providers to remotely monitor system performance and diagnose maintenance issues without onsite visits. The system also delivers data for solar providers to offer customers value-added services that enable them to see how much power their system has produced, how much of that they have used and how much has been sold back to the utility. Because no extra cabling is required, installers now have greater flexibility, and options with reduced installation and minimal customer inconvenience. In addition, Asoka SolarLink devices have the widest temperature range in the industry (-20°C to +60°C),

PlugLink PL9650-WT

The PlugLink PL9650-WT feature's Ethernet ports to directly connect the solar power system's inverter and data logger to the residence's home network Internet service using the existing electrical lines as a backbone network. This allows the system to be monitored and data to be shared. The adapter eliminates the need for complex cable installations, is more robust than wireless systems, provides flexibility in installation options and reduces installation costs and customer inconvenience.

PlugLink PL7070-COM

The PlugLink PL7070-COM is the first of its kind to support solar installations that require passing RS-485 transmit and receive signals between remotely located solar equipment, such as between the inverter and the data logger. With the PL7070-COM, installers simply plug the adapter into an AC outlet nearest to the RS-485 equipment and connect a short DB-9 cable between the equipment and adapter. Data flows over the power lines to another adapter that is connected by Ethernet to the Internet router.