Home Networks

Home Area Networks

Asoka's PlugLink line of HomePIug-certified powerline networking products offers the simplest and most complete solution for service providers to offer a complete home area network with shared Internet access and a suite of broadband services. PlugLink delivers home networking over a single network to any room within a home using the most common and convenient cabling in the world - existing electric wires.
Home Area Networking

Digital Living

Digital Living Services

Asoka’s Digital Living Services enable services carriers, MSOs and utilities to offer customers a better way enjoy and control their home environment. Digital Living Services provide innovative and exciting new home energy management and home monitoring features that can be layered on top of existing broadband and/or IPTV services to increase service provider differentiation and revenue per customer and minimize churn. Based on Asoka’s lifetime warranty powerline communications (PLC) equipment, remotely managed firmware and cloud-based software, Digital Living Services are brandable, customizable, “future proof” and simple to install with minimal deployment and maintenance costs. Digital Living.

Solar Power

Residential Solar

Asoka’s Powerline Communication (PLC) adaptors provide networking and intelligence to enable consumers to control their home environment with simple, economical home energy management solutions. Residential Solar Photovoltaic (PV) installations are becoming more and more popular with sales growing at an average annual rate of 51 percent in the past decade. A key requirement of residential solar power is a monitoring system that allows customers to track their solar system and manage their energy usage in real time. Monitoring Is not only necessary to enable utility service departments to diagnose issues, it also adds significant value to solar installations by helping the end user to understand home energy management and adopt conservation measures that enable a greener home and environment as well as saving money. Solar details..

Gaming Solutions


Asoka’s PlugLink® family of HomePlug®-certified powerline networking products (PLN) deliver the high performance networking and easy Installation that enable service providers to offer the latest online game services to their subscribers. The online gaming market is growing exponentially and has become a popular addition to the suite of digital services many residential users are demanding. Customers need a robust, reliable network that can be expanded throughout the house to support multi-player gaming for the entire family in the living room or a single person in an upstairs bedroom.. Gaming solutions..